W-2 Notice to ALL 2020 Applicants and Employees

W-2 Notice to ALL 2020 Applicants and Employees!

Þ  WE WILL PUT OUT A  NOTICE WHEN W2s ARE READY FOR PICK UP. Those not picked up by January 27th will be mailed that afternoon UNLESS you have requested it be held prior to that date!

Þ The Post Office DOES NOT FORWARD W2s. It is your responsibility to make sure we have the correct mailing address on file BEFORE these are mailed.

Þ W2s returned to our offices WILL NOT BE MAILED OUT A SECOND TIME to local addresses. You MUST pick it up thereafter.

Þ If you misplace the W2 we’ve provided or it’s lost in the mail, you’ll have to wait until mid-February for a re-print.

Þ You will need to keep up with your check stubs showing your total earnings. WE DO NOT REPRINT CHECK STUBS!

Þ We do not provide our Federal ID# to any Tax Preparation companies.

Þ W2s are NOT available online.


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