No, we were founded by Bob & Jean Simpson in 1974. Sandra Braddock, Jean’s daughter, is President and General Manager and plans to continue her mother’s legacy for years to come. We are proud to be one of the few locally family owned and operated staffing agencies in the area. Our only other location is in Longview, Tx. We serve the regions of NW Louisiana and E Texas.

No, All fees are paid by our client companies.

Yes, Unless your record specifically pertains to the job duties for which you are being considered. (i.e. Someone with a record of forging checks cannot be considered for a banking position.)

No, It’s just the first step in the process and assists our staff in making sure you are registering with the most appropriate department.

Yes, Our database searches through ALL candidates for specific skills and experience. If you match that search and meet the other criteria, you will be contacted to discuss the position further.

Yes, The only exception is for those applicants who are currently employed and looking for work elsewhere. However, jobs prior to the current position will be contacted for a reference.

No, We average OVER 140 openings daily between our two offices and do our best to post what we can. The only way to be considered is to complete our registration and testing process AND continue to call in every other week to let us know you are still actively looking.

Be prompt, courteous, presentable, and professional. Keep the lines of communication open and be open to other opportunities that may be a good fit. Treat us as you’d like to be treated and remember, we are YOUR employer and if we don’t get a good first impression, chances are our client won’t either.

TWENTY Reasons why people DON’T get hired:

  1. Poor personal appearance; not dressed appropriately for job interview
  2. Arrives late for interview
  3. Over emphasis on money; unrealistic expectations
  4. Lack of interest or enthusiasm
  5. Nervous, lack of confidence
  6. Inability to express information clearly
  7. Lack of planning for career; no purpose or goals
  8. Unwilling to start at the bottom
  9. Making excuses
  10. Lack of tact/courtesy
  11. Lack of maturity
  12. Talks negatively about past employers
  13. No genuine interest in company or job
  14. Fails to look interviewer in the eye
  15. Sloppy application form
  16. No sense of humor
  17. Over aggressive
  18. Fails to express appreciation for interview time
  19. Fails to ask questions about the job
  20. Vague responses to questions
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