Still working, still serving...

We are still working and still serving in many ways. While part of us work from home and a few still at the office, we are doing what we can to serve our community businesses, citizens and home-bound.

Orders are still coming in and yes, some clients have had to put some of theirs on hold but we still have plenty to go around! We are adjusting nicely and continuing to be very cautious for our staff and applicants that we are scheduling appointments for. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times which are trying to every one of us. We continue to pray for our community, applicants, businesses and the world to overcome this battle and know, even though there will be great losses, there will also be a lot of good things to come from this.

Marissa and her sweet boys (along with a friend) continue to deliver Meals on Wheels to the home-bound in Bossier City. What a wonderful opportunity and time to share with her teenagers.

Reaching applicants has stretched us in ways we needed to go and make changes that we didn't think we were ready to make but, hey, it's working out...at least we hope so!

Families are getting quality time together that they may not have had otherwise and it's forced us to all stop and realize what's really important in life.

We pray each of you are able to "stop and smell the flowers" of life and what a precious gift it is and that when all of this is over, you'll have better relationships all the way around. YOU MATTER!

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