Pat's farewell

Pat's farewell: 28 years! That’s a long time to serve not only as our Risk Manager but also as THE GUY to put up with 25+ women daily! He was our go-to super-hero for many, many years and we were blessed to have him. Due to COVID, we weren’t able to go somewhere to give him a proper retirement party but we made the best of it and threw him one in the office.

We will miss his continual jokester ways around here. He definitely kept you on your toes but did scare a few gray hairs into your life prematurely. We think he saw that as keeping us young by keeping our heart racing and blood continually pumping.

There’ll never be another like him, that’s for sure. God broke the mold and now, Oklahoma gets the blessing. Although he may be moving to the Sooner state, he’ll never root against his Tigers. As a matter of fact, beware Sooner fans, you’re going to witness the right way to party in Purple and Gold. This Tiger fan knows how to throw a party and will convert you to saying Geaux Tigers faster than you can say Boomer Sooner!

Pat, we love you and miss you already! Prayers for blessings in this new chapter for you and Kimberly!

Your JSPS family!

(Party pictures attached.)


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