Not College Material?

Don't feel like you're college material? Awesome! Not all of us are and that's what makes this such a wonderful world to live in! We are ALL needed in our own special way and if college isn't for you, may we (highly) recommend TRADE SCHOOL! Skilled Laborers are in short supply and MAKE GREAT MONEY! Here's a clip we found on Twitter (May, 2019) to illustrate the kind of money you can make if you're willing to learn a skilled trade! Aside from the Wind Turbine worker, we hire for all of these all the time!

Not sure what trade school is for you? Here are links to a few in our area! Check them out and enroll today! http://www.nwltc.edu/ (Shreveport & Minden); http://shreveport.remingtoncollege.edu/ ; https://tstc.edu/campuses/marshall ; https://dda.edu/shreveport/

Here a great recent article with salaries listed too: https://toptrade.school/highest-paying-careers/

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