Back to Work

It's back to work for some of us that have been off or working from home here at Jean Simpson Personnel. Although we are back fully & safely staffed, our doors remain locked. It's nice to get back to a normal routine and hearing back from more and more company clients daily. One of the biggest, most joyous signs of normalcy for us is our mascot, Macy Margene, reunited with her second mama, Jenny at the Clerical front desk. After greeting everyone as we returned, she completely exhausted herself and found her favorite place to nap once again. Oh how she missed her afternoon naps up there!

She looks forward to the day our doors can remain unlocked and she can greet you once again. It won't be long now but in the meantime, continue to call in to make yourself available as well as to inquire about the job openings we are posting and still trying to fill! We need you Shreveport-Bossier! Let's all get back to work! 

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