Tuesday weather notice

Good morning applicants and clients. There are a few of us that made it in and are fielding calls. With the temperature and road conditions, we won't be here all day. The payroll department is working diligently to get payroll processed for you all. THANK YOU PAYROLL LADIES! We know how important it is to get that done for you. We are doing our best to operate normally but again, probably won't be in all day as we need to get our employees home safely.

If you were supposed to report to work today and can't, please make sure you're calling us. We are notifying you as soon as we hear from any client companies that have closed as well.

If you have an appointment with us today, please consider it cancelled OR call before you come to see if we are still here.

Y'all be careful out there and don't take unnecessary risks. Will update on our status in the office as it changes. God Bless!

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