Clerical jobs in demand...

Clerical jobs in demand right now are Administrative Assistants and Receptionists! We have a few Long Term Temp assignments one Part-Time and the rest are Temp-to-Hire! MUST HAVE EXCEL & WORD!

Happy Birthday to these Turkeys

Happy Birthday to these Turkeys! We kicked off the holidays and incoming weather with Hot Peach Cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream. Now that'll sure get you in a thankful mood! Gobble! Gobble!

Cost of Living and JOBS in N LA

The Cost of Living in N LA remains very affordable for applicants considering our area in which to relocate and reside. According to a recent article, North Louisiana’s low cost of living gives families in the 14-parish region more bang for their buck, because they can afford a better standard of living. North Louisiana is also hiring even with the recent low unemployment reports in the news. Jeff Bomar, our Operations Manager, states..."More and more companies are seeking qualified and skilled applicants to fill the void in their facilities and offices. We have the jobs, we just need the skilled labor. If you have experience with a skilled trade and are willing to put in an honest days work, there should be no reason you aren't working."

"Currently, we are seeking around 25 applicants for AEP/SWEPCO's Call Center that are able to pass all the preliminary testing and about 60 wait staff applicants with a Shreveport ABO Card that are available for local concerts and events at all hours of the day and night. Aside from that, we have over 100 jobs available ranging from part-time, temp only and temp to full time as well as 40 Professional Direct Hire openings for highly experienced professionals. The job market in this area is GOOD but companies unfortunately aren't willing to take on applicants that don't have the experience they need. They just don't have the time to spare training them", Bomar states. Although that may not always be the case, it is the current situation. If you are currently out of work, it's a great time to reflect on why that is. "If you need to brush up on your skill set, sign up for classes or attend a technical school. Be willing to do what you need to do to earn an honest day's pay, even if you feel it is beneath you."

For more about the cost of living in North Louisiana:

For a list of job openings at Jean Simpson Personnel, explore our site while you're here. We do our best to keep this list updated but recommend you make it a point to complete our registration process so that you are active in our database. Our jobs change moment to moment so that truly is the best way to be in the running for consideration.

Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

The Mayor's Prayer Breakfast was this morning! We wouldn't have missed it! Several staff members were able to attend and host several clients! It was a wonderful event and very well attended!

Meet Beth, our newest addition!


Medical office staff needed for various clients! All must be familiar with Medical Terminology and have MEDICAL INSURANCE/BILLING Experience! APPLY TODAY!

FREE Rides to Interviews and Job!

FREE Rides to Interviews and Job! WOW! We need this in NW La and E Tx! OK Lyft Drivers, let's get this going here!

Lyft offering free rides to job interviews and first 3 weeks of employment

Plasma Operators Needed

Heroes BBQ Cook-Off

The Heroes BBQ Cook-Off was today in support of the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, Shreveport Fire Department, Shreveport Police Department and Local Community. It was organized by NSBA (North Shreveport Business Association) and not only had great food but lots of prizes too.

Our staff (Jeff, Cathy, Beth, Dinah and Karen) enjoyed a great lunch and were able to visit with many clients and guests! Mark your calendars for next year. It's always well attended and a fun time!

Fun with Heroes

Happy Friday Everyone!