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Clerical Openings

Clerical Openings currently! Please CALL for an appointment to complete our registration and testing process. ALL CLERICAL OPENINGS require computer testing! Assignment # MINIMUM $ Job Title 222453 15 Activities Coordinator 222130 14 Admin Assistant 222014 10 Admin Asst 221717 11 Admin Asst. 217558 19 Admin. Sales Support 217559 19 Admin. Sales Support 217560 19 […]

Creative Design and Supply is coming to Monroe!

Creative Design and Supply is coming to Monroe! We are honored to be the employment agency of choice for their Bossier City, and now their Monroe, locations! If you know of anyone in that area looking for work, here’s a great opportunity! Details here for the Monroe Job Fair THIS FRIDAY!

Looking for…

Looking for Pride Rock? Feeling like Simba in a herd of wildebeest seeking your place in the kingdom? Let us become your Timon and Pumbaa and help find your rightful place in the pride lands. Beware, there are a lot of hyenas out there in this Circle of Life but only one King in this […]

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a wonderful, refreshing weekend and are going to have a productive week ahead! We wanted to remind ALL OF OUR APPLICANTS to remember to call in your availability as long as you are looking for your new career! This keeps your file open and active in our systems […]

Shreveport Chamber BDC Luncheon

The Shreveport Chamber held their monthly Business Development Connection Luncheon this week and Guest Speaker was the one and only Bill Joyce! It was a great lunch with wonderful company to share it with! For more information on the Shreveport Chamber Business Development Connection, visit: https://www.shreveportchamber.org/business-development-connection.html