It's Alicia's Brithday

It's Alicia's Birthday this month, our only February birthday! Her treat of choice...Sonic Drinks! Stay thirsty friends and Happy Birthday Alicia!

Monday is President's Day!

Monday is President's Day and although it's a federal holiday, we'll be open as usual! Take advantage of being off (if you're one of the lucky ones) and come see us. It may just be the perfect day to do it, especially since we have over 180 open positions between our Shreveport and Longview offices! We are accepting walk-ins between 9a-2p. Bring 2 forms of ID's (Acceptable Documents) and your resume.

PS: In case you didn't get the message...this is opportunity knocking!

Clerical Openings this week!

Clerical Openings this week are listed below. DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN APPOINTMENT THIS WEEK! Walk-ins available between 8:30-1:30 with RESUME & 2 VALID IDs!

Assignment # Job Title Pay Rate
223981 Accounts Receivables 13
225220 Admin Assistant (Part-time) 12-14
225508 Admin Asst 14
225262 Admin Asst. 15
224952 AP/AR clerk 12.5
223383 Asst Medical Client Manager 15
224582 Asst Housekeeping Manager 14.61
225197 Staff Acccountant w/SAP or SAGE 22+
224444 Bookkeeper/Research Associate 17.25
225047 Bilingual Call Center Rep 10-12
225047 Bilingual Call Center Rep 10-12
225047 Bilingual Call Center Rep 10-12
225047 Bilingual Call Center Rep 10-12
225047 Bilingual Call Center Rep 10-12
225063 Cashier - posting payments 10
225575 Community Life Coordinator 12
225501 Court Support 13-15
224800 CSR 16
224801 CSR 16
225116 CSR 12.5
223557 Customer Service 10-12
225219 Customer Service 14-17
225160 Customer Service (Part-time) 10
224396 Degreed Chemist DOE
224397 Degreed Chemist DOE
224398 Degreed Chemist DOE
224399 Degreed Chemist DOE
224400 Degreed Chemist DOE
223902 Desk Clerk 9.50
225625 Dispatcher (2nd shift) 11.58
225625 Dispatcher (3rd shift) 11.58
225502 Executive Assistant 16-18
225081 Experienced Mortgage Loan Processor 19
225108 Front Desk Reception 11
225429 HR Assistant 15
225217 Inside Sales 16-18
223870 Interior Design Assoc 12
225320 Leasing Agent (Part-Time) 14-17
224668 Leasing Agent 11-12
225533 Legal Receptionist 11-12
225145 Licensed P&C 12
225146 Licensed P&C 12
224078 Maintenance Planner 19
225410 Medical Office Assistant 11-13
225480 Medical Receptionist 11
225424 Operations 18
225602 Operations Supervisor 15
225430 Paralegal 18
222312 Paralegal - Experience Required 18+
225195 Prepress Technician 17.25
225154 Property Mgmt 12
225504 Purchasing Assoc 18
225612 Recept/Operations Clerk 12
225614 Receptionist 13.75
222633 Receptionist  9-5 on Saturdays 10
225268 Scheduler 10
222430 Shipping and Receiving Specialist 16.5+
224302 Staffing Recruiter 15
225461 Store Manager 12.5-16
224884 Title Clerk 14-15
225590 Title Clerk 14

National Wear Red Day

Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day to show support for the efforts of the American Heart Association. We are planning to wear red with our jeans and will be posting pictures and invite you to do the same! Let us see how you GO RED tomorrow!

Always so much to do!

There's always so much to do this time of year and our Cathy and Beth are the ones to do it. Last week, "Thelma and Louise" attended the NLEP Annual Banquet and got all the details on Economic Development of 2019 and what's expected this year to come! If you want to be in the know, hang out with these two and you'll go places!

Tis Tax Season!

Tax Season is here and we have done our part getting the W-2s out timely. Mr. Mailman came this morning and already had a stack of returned mail for us due to bad addresses. If you are expecting a W-2 and don't receive it within the next week or so, please call our office. Reprints will only be done once/week and W-2s WILL NOT be mailed out again but they will be held for your pickup.

Longview (903)758-7702

Shreveport - Industrial (318) 861-2489 / Clerical (318) 869-3494

PEC/H2S Class

We will be hosting another PEC/H2S Class on Saturday, Feb 8th! Limited Seating! Email Britney for details!

Shreveport Chamber Banquet

Shreveport Chamber held their annual Banquet last night! Special thanks to Karen, Jeff and Cathy for representing Jean Simpson Personnel so well! Congratulations to all those recognized. 2019 was a great year but 2020 is going to rock the house!

January Birthdays

January Birthdays were celebrated last week so we wanted to give these special ladies a shout out! Happy birthday to Kari, Mischelle, Luann and Marissa. We love you girls!


How does your company celebrate birthdays? We'd love to hear from you!

Bossier Chamber Gala

Bossier Chamber held their annual Gala last night and our team was there to represent Jean Simpson Personnel in style! Here are a few pictures from the night! Thank you Jeff Bomar, Jennifer Lacobee, Marissa Still and Beth Waldrop for making us always look so good! Glad to have Dana Smelser from Christus drop by for a photo op with sister Jenny! We love our team!