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It’s already been a busy week for Mascot Brittney!

Brit Brit has been hard at work already this week. She joined us for our daily prayer time and then helped her favorite step-mom Jenny at the front desk. With today being pay day, we knows she’s going to get her work out. Come by and say hi! She’d love to meet you!

Jobs list!

Interested in seeing what our Clerical and Industrial Division have open? Here you go! Please share! Job Title Pay Rate HR Manager/Risk Mngr. DOE Account Manager 12.5 Accounting Assistant 17 Accounting Assistant 12 Accounting Assistant 14 Accounts Payable 11.5 Admin Asst 12 Admin Asst 18 Administrative Assistant 11.5 Administrative Assistant 12 Administrative Assistant 13 Administrative […]

61!!! Clerical!!! Orders!!!

Our Clerical Division isĀ running neck and neck with our Industrial Division with the number of open positions. Give Jenny a call (318) 869-3494 to make sure you’re file is open and active OR to schedule a time to come in and register or update with us! Computer skills are required on at leastĀ 90% of the […]

Over 50 Clerical positions available!

Good morning! Below you will find a complete list of the positions in our clerical division. We copied them exactly as they are listed from our database in order to show you just how many of these positions we have. If you are already registered, make sure you are calling in available at least every […]

We cover the spectrum….

At JSPS, we can handle most any type of job opening and to show you what a variety we have, we decided to share with you some of our current needs. Whether Professional, Clerical or Industrial type work, THIS IS THE PLACE to get your name on the good list! You never know when YOUR […]