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Are there gaps in your resume?

This article may help: The most common responses for resume gaps

Welcome Roger!

We normally let new staff get a little more time under their belt before announcing them to the world but we just couldn’t resist this opportunity. Roger Taylor has been with us now about a month and we think he’s showing great promise, as illustrated today when he came in dressed very similarly to his […]

How are your current work relationships?

7 people you need to get to know at work! An article we liked from YourOfficeCoach.com! Enjoy!

Hiring! It’s what’s happening HERE!

Clerical jobs available this week!

Call for your appointment (869-3494) and make sure to ask if you can come on in! We may just let ya! Assignment # Job Title 210805 Account Manager 210890 Accounting 210986 Accounting Assistant 211897 Accounts Payable 209742 Accounts Payable Clerk 211911 Administrative Assistant 211949 Administrative Assistant 211948 Administrative Assistant 211950 Administrative Assistant 211702 Administrative Assistant […]

Exciting Jobs with Fast Growing Pay – and we need several of these right now!

 A recent article from Glassdoor mentions several jobs that we have opening for right now! Take a glance – Looking for a new gig and not willing to take a pay cut? You’re in luck. There are a handful of jobs that boast solid median base pay as well as a strong track record of […]

Professional Candidates are in demand!

Crazy with Jobs

Register IN PERSON from 9a-2p, M-F! We are fully staffed and ready to see you! Don’t forget your ID’s or we can’t complete the registration process! Come on in! Assignment # Job Title 211907 Assembly 211773 Autobody 211367 Bindery Support Specialist 211017 Bindery Support Specialist 208423 BPCC IRT Class 211772 Car Washer 206476 Certified HVAC […]

Team Building with Joyce Meyer

Theresia (Director of Sales) and Angel (Admin Asst) got to spend Friday and Saturday in Baton Rouge with Joyce Meyer! It was a wonderful trip and opportunity to remind us just how blessed we truly all are! Joyce really has a gift to share with the world and at 75, is doing her best to […]

Be on the lookout…

Be on the lookout for these little critters! Jenny found a few baby squirrels that needing some special attention so she brought them to work for us to help. This little guy was sure hungry! Later that afternoon, we took them to someone that helps rehab them since they don’t have their mother anymore. Sure hope […]