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Clerical Job Openings week of Jan 28th

Clerical Job Openings this week: An appointment IS required for these positions. Assignment # CLERICAL Job Title 217518 Accounts Payable Clerk 218064 Accounting Clerk 217616 Accounting Clerk 217035 Admin Assist/Inside Sales 217465 Administrative Asst. 217558 Admin. Sales Support 217559 Admin. Sales Support 217560 Admin. Sales Support 218022 Administrative Assistant 217967 Administrative Asst. 208629 App/Software Developer […]

East Texas openings

East Texas openings are primarily worked out of our Longview office. They are focusing their recruiting efforts this week on a few particular candidates. If you have experience with any of the following, give them a call http://jeansimpson.com/longview-location/ to inquire. Assignment # Pay Rate Longview jobs  217683 15 Administative Asst  217535 12 Administrative Assistant 216745 […]

2019 Job Trends

2019 Job Trends…are you ready? Here is an article about the top 5 Job Trends and what to expect in the market in 2019. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/5-job-trends-to-watch-in-2019/

One week left to enroll….

One week left to enroll if you’ve changed your mind about insurance since the time you started working for JSPS.  There is only one week left of open enrollment (deadline Jan 31st).  If you have any questions you may call our Benefit Facilitator, Brenda Little or visit the Health Benefits tab on our website.

50 Job openings in our Clerical Division!

50 Job openings in our Clerical Division! To be considered for any of these, you MUST schedule an appointment to register (or reactivate your file) with us. CALL JENNY to reserve a time today! For the phone number and more on the process, Click here Assignment # Clerical Job Title 217518 Accounts Payable 217616 Accounting Clerk […]

The Girl Scout are coming….

The Girl Scouts are coming! The Girl Scouts are coming! Be on the look out! It is officially your favorite season of the year, Cookie time! The Girl Scouts kicked it off yesterday with a ribbon cutting and our Cathy Gates was there! I mean, who would want to miss that! Support this worthy cause […]