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12 days in review

In case you missed it, we had a blast posting our version of the 12 days of CHRISTmas during this special season. If you want to go back and see what our most popular and in demand professions are, visit:¬†Our blog. If YOU fit into any of those professions, let us hear from you ASAP. […]

On the 12th day of CHRISTMAS…

On the 12th day of CHRISTmas my true love gave to me, so many new employees to hire that we had to bring on more payroll clerks! Now THAT’s the kind of problem we like to have in the employment industry so if you’re one of those in need of a new job, we’d love […]

On the 11th day of Christmas…ONE MORE DAY PEOPLE!

On the 11th day of Christmas…ONE MORE DAY PEOPLE…Santa had to bring in a Project Manager to make sure he, the elves and the reindeer were all lined out and ready to hit the night sky flyin’!   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE AND TO ALL A GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP!

7th day!!!! Only 5 days till CHRISTmas

On the 7th day of CHRISTmas, our customers gave to us, lots of requests for Quality Control Techs! Yep, it’s all about the quality people! We know the elves are big on Quality Control, as every company should be too! Make sure you don’t settle for less in 2019! Come see the best!

The 6th day of CHRISTmas…

The 6th day of CHRISTmas brings Oh So Much Cheer as Rudolph and the Reindeer are trying on their gear as we are seeking property manager to help the reindeer move you into next year.   Submit your resume today: resume@jeansimpson.com