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It truly takes a village

Yes, it truly takes a village to employ Shreveport, Bossier and Longview! We do our best to get as much information out to you as possible. Here are a few pictures of our “Village” people and what they do to help get the word out to you! 

Skills in HIGH demand!

Pat shares his memories of Jean

Unemployment Rate is down!!!

Great job putting people to work Shreveport-Bossier! We still have over 150 jobs to fill so help us knock this down further! Register or reactivate your file today! WE NEED YOU! Your family needs you! Our clients need you! NW Louisiana needs you! Get more information on how to register right here, on this site! […]

Sandra remembers her mother, Ms. Jean

Remembering Jean….Take 1

Remembering Ms. Jean…

  Today marks three years since we lost our Founder, Jean Simpson. What an honor to have her daughter, Sandra Braddock, step in to take the reigns years ago to carry on the legacy she started. She & Bob were so brave to step out and start this business 44 years ago.   If you’re […]

Locally Owned Issue just out!

In case you haven’t gotten this week’s Forum Magazine, make sure you do! It’s full of locally owned companies wanting to do business with YOU! As with Jean Simpson Personnel, the majority of these companies keep their money here, in YOUR community, to further develop the economy. That’s huge and it’s important to think about […]

Julie & Jessica discuss what candidate they are in need of…

Focus jobs this week…