Available Jobs

Available Jobs in our Industrial Division are listed below. Please CALL 862-3397 and listen for option to reach the Industrial Division as we are NOT TAKING WALK-INS AT THIS TIME!

Assignment # Industrial Jobs
226539 Assistant Operators
226540 Assistant Operators
225741 Assistant Operators
225742 Assistant Operators
226624 CDL driver
225434 CNC Lathe Operator
225589 Courtesy Officer
226544 Diesel Driving Trainer
226351 Diesel Driving Trainer
226237 Dietary Assistant
226238 Dietary Assistant
226682 Fabricator
225824 Floor Crew
225823 Floor Crew Supervisor
224092 Floor installer Helper
226644 Forklift Operator
226645 Forklift Operator
226213 General labor
226684 Groundskeeper
226018 Handyman Plus
226681 Housekeeping
226188 HVAC Install helper
223892 HVAC Installer
226599 HVAC Installer
221051 HVAC Installer
226590 Laborer
226403 Laborers (4 week temp)
226404 Laborers (4 week temp)
225500 Landscaping
226347 Lock Popper
226637 Maintenance (part-time)
226387 Make ready housekeeping
220221 Make Ready Maintenance
223832 Make Ready w/carpentry
225061 Make ready/Janitorial
220412 Mechanic
226640 Mfg Technician
225152 Oil & Tire Tech
225432 Painter (3-4 months)
225433 Painter (3-4 months)
224437 Painter (Shop+Sandblasting)
226400 Plasma Table Operator
222737 Plumber Helper
226189 Plumbing helper
226532 Pool cleaner
223449 Press Assistant
226383 Press Assistant
225178 Press Operator
226438 Residential painter
226673 Sewer Operator class 3
222759 Shipping Supervisor
226635 Turret Truck Driver
226597 Warehouse
221305 Warehouse/Data Entry
214502 Welder

Assistant Manufacturing Operators

Assistant Operations in Manufacturing. Need 7! ALL Shifts needed, 12-hour shifts.


Industrial Jobs keep coming in!

Industrial Jobs keep coming in! If you aren't active in our database, we can't consider you for employment! We take walk-ins from 9a-2p w/2 valid IDs.

Assignment # Industrial Job Title
223892 AC Installer
225738 Assistant Operators
225739 Assistant Operators
225740 Assistant Operators
225741 Assistant Operators
225742 Assistant Operators
225152 Auto Tech
226084 Blow Mold Technician
226108 Cafe Attendant
225328 Cafe Attendant
226307 Change Over
226316 Change Over
226361 Cleaner
225434 CNC Lathe Operator
226352 Concession Worker
226356 Concession Worker
225810 Cook
225589 Courtesy Officer
222401 CSR/Route Driver
226351 Diesel Driving Trainer
226237 Dietary Assistant
226238 Dietary Assistant
226201 Driver
225649 Driver
220823 Electrical and mechanical
225244 Electrician
226366 End Welder
225824 Floor Crew
225823 Floor Crew Supervisor
224092 Floor installer Helper
226354 General labor
225192 General labor
226213 General labor
225013 General Labor
226023 Grounds crew
226187 Grounds crew
226318 Groundskeeper
226018 Handyman Plus
226231 Housekeeper
226188 HVAC Install helper
221051 Installer
226007 Janitorial
226198 Labor
226330 Laborer
222362 Landscaper
225500 Landscaping
226347 Lock Popper
226044 Machine operator
225476 Machine operator
225550 Machine operator
226110 Maintenance
223832 Make Ready
225061 Make ready/Janitorial
226126 Manufacturing Intern
220412 Mechanic
215946 Millwright
226195 Packer
225432 Painter
225433 Painter
224437 Painter
225888 Pizza Cook
222737 Plumber Helper
226189 Plumbing helper
223449 Press Assistant
225178 Press Operator
226081 Production Operator
225301 Pump Mechanic
226345 Rewinder Operator
224215 Saw repair
222759 Shipping Supervisor
223030 Shop hand
223761 Shop hand
226039 Warehouse
226255 Warehouse
221305 Warehouse/Data Entry
214502 Welder
223107 Wok Cook

Notary Needed

Alicia shares about the Notary position she's working on!

This week's Clerical openings


Assignment # Clerical Job Title
225840 Accounting Admin
226362 Accounting Assistant
225836 Accounting Clerk
223981 Accounts Rec
225220 Admin Assistant
225508 Admin Asst
226175 Admin Asst.
226033 Admin. Assistant
226329 Administrative Assistant
226080 AP Clerk
226174 AP/Receptionist
223383 Assistant Client Manager
224582 Assistant Housekeeper Manager
225197 Bookkeeper
225828 Call Center CSR
225047 Call Center Rep
225575 Community Life Coordinator
225116 CSR
226243 CSR/Route Driver
223557 Customer Service
225219 Customer Service
226185 Customer Support
226059 Dispatcher
225081 Experienced Mortgage Loan Processor
225108 Front Desk Reception
226000 HR Manager - Special Project
225217 Inside Sales
226019 Inside Sales Corrdinator
223870 Interior Design Assoc
226168 Legal Receptionist
225734 Lot Manager
224078 Maintenance Planner
226190 Manager
225969 Medical Front Desk
225480 Medical Receptionist
226212 Medical Records Admin
225710 Medical Scheduler
226254 Office Assistant
226248 Office Manager
226179 Paralegal
225430 Paralegal
226224 Payroll / HR Clerk
226017 Property Manager part tim
225159 Quality Engineer IV
225973 Receptionist
222633 Receptionist
226192 Retail Management
225268 Scheduler
222430 Shipping and Receiving Specialist
224302 Staffing Recruiter
225722 Store manager
225697 Support desk
226225 Title Clerk

HOW to properly apply for the AEP/SWEPCO Call Center

HOW to properly apply for the AEP/SWEPCO Call Center. Doing it right the first time will definitely help us help you. We prefer you apply through indeed (Apply for AEP/SWEPCO here) to help streamline the process, allowing us to be more efficient and not missing any applicants that apply. Here is more information about it if you'd like to learn more before applying:

Blow Mold Technician Needed

Blow Mold Technician Needed:

This IS NOT Good-bye

This IS NOT Good-bye...our precious co-worker, more importantly sister, Jessica Beaudion is leaving us today after 5 years for a blessed appointment with a sweet new grand-baby. She gets to help her daughter and be a Gigi to our newest family addition. Her aunts and uncles can't wait to watch her grow up in your loving care. How fortunate she is! We will miss your joy, inspiration, infectious laugh and spirit-filled being that has permeated these walls and each of our lives. This is not adios mamacita. Manteng√°monos en contacto y nos veremos pronto.

The happy couple!

Crazy day Thursday

It was a crazy day Thursday and Jean Simpson Personnel covered Shreveport-Bossier! Talk about divide and conquer!!!

First up, NWLA American Heart Association's Go Red event was held last night and it literally took a village to pull it off! Special thanks to Jill Lucerno (Local AHA Executive Director) and Dr. Peggy Murphy (Go Red Chair) for putting on such a great and worthy event. Your tireless efforts were noticed and appreciated. Thank you for what you do to bring more attention to heart disease and the research that goes on right here in Shreveport. Thank you Sandra Braddock (Pres of JSPS) for continually supporting this cause and allowing us to volunteer.

Next in the news is our Britney Ratcliff! She's not only a great asset to JSPS, she's also the President-Elect of the Local Chapter of NWLA SHRM. Here she is yesterday at the monthly luncheon:


And of course you're all used to seeing Thelma & Louise (Cathy & Beth) out and about so we can't fail to mention they had a great time, pre Go Red, at the Chamber After Hours just around the corner from the AHA at the Hilton Downtown. Special JSPS friend Karen Barnes joined them.

Last to get home to bed...our Krewe de Aldean and client friends! Talk about having a "Suite" life! We hope everyone enjoyed hospitality, the JSPS way!


More skilled trade applicants...

More skilled trade applicants are always a good thing! Beth attended the Caddo Career & Technology Center Career Fair Friday and picked up a few more good ones for our clients!

If you have a high school student that may not be college material, equip him/her for a bright future and recommend CCTC to them! For more, visit: CCTC