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Jobs here! Jobs there! Jobs everywhere!

Jobs here! Jobs there! Jobs everywhere!                   Applicants

Lunch with Lt. Governor Nungesser

Today’s lunch break wasn’t much of a big deal…we ONLY HAD LUNCH WITH THE LT. GOVERNOR! That’s right, there are many perks being involved in the local community! Today, the North Shreveport Business Association’s guest speaker was Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser and our own Cathy Gates (Sales Development) and Britney Ratcliff (Professional Placement) were able […]

Direct Hire Positions! Candidates Needed!

Employers: ACT WorkKeys Program coming to N Louisiana

We are so excited to support the upcoming WorkKeys initiative to increase the number of skilled labor forces in our area! We’ve already signed up and would love to see some of our client companies join us in this effort! Several FREE Lunch & Learn Programs are already scheduled! Come hear how WorkKeys can impact […]

What’s New at JSPS!

Several months ago, we started holding SafeLand Basic Orientation Training for the Oil & Gas Industry. We now have a video explaining what that’s all about and more details here, on our website!¬†Safeland Basic Orientation If you are in the Oil & Gas industry and need this LIFETIME CERTIFICATION, you’ve found the right company and […]

Seeking Experienced Warehouse Manager!

Britney is seeking a Warehouse Manager for the Shreveport-Bossier area!

Dispatchers! Dispatchers! Dispatchers!

Dispatchers! Dispatchers! Dispatchers! That’s right! We are looking for a few experienced Service Dispatchers! Pay range is anywhere from $10-14/hour for these temp-to-hire positions! Fast-paced positions so must be highly organized and not get frazzled easily. MUST be familiar with the Shreveport-Bossier area and be customer service oriented! Resumes to Alicia@JeanSimpson.com More Clerical Openings

Industrial Engineer needed for Local Manufacturer!

Large Manufacturing Company seeking an Industrial Engineer! This person will be in a support role for various departments including production and maintenance. He/She must be familiar with MRP software, have a clear understanding of LEAN manufacturing methods, and have worked in manufacturing for a minimum of 2 years. Other requirements include: Bachelors Degree in Industrial […]


Here we are again, going gang-busters with orders which is SUCH A GREAT PROBLEM to have!¬† All of these are Direct-Hire Placements! All require a minimum of 2+ years experience, an up to date computer skills assessments, drug screen and background check. HIRING IMMEDIATELY FOR: Payroll Specialists Environmental Health & Safety Accountants Bookkeeper with Payroll […]

Looking for work and have a pre-planned vacation?

Looking for work and have a pre-planned vacation or day away scheduled? We often get asked that question so thought we’d find a good resource to help you know when and how to deal with it during your job search! Time off when you start a new job!