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The adventures of Macy Margene…Episode 1

If you’ve not met Macy Margene, it’s only a matter of time. She joined the family this summer and has completely taken over our hearts…and office! She has such a great personality and is moving her way up to the Boss #1 slot quickly…yes, she is a bit demanding but that’s ok, we ALL love […]

Macy the Mascot, SO HARD at work!

Well, as many of you know, yesterday was payday at JSPS and Macy had many firsts. She stayed up at the front desk helping Jenny tremendously! She passed out checks, helped applicants, scheduled appointments and more. Once the day started coming to an end, it took it’s toll on her and she had to have […]

Macy made it a whole week at work!

We are so proud of her! She’s catching on quickly and fits in so well with her co-workers! Every once in a while we have to give her a drink breakĀ  but she’s right back at it again, wanting to brighten everyone’s day! We love our Macy Margene!  

Macy update!

Well, tomorrow we will have had Macy Margene a week and oh how quickly she has stolen our hearts! I don’t know of another mascot that has so many aunts and uncles to care for her on a daily basis. Today was a big day for her! She got her first haircut so we wanted […]

Announcing Macy Margene Braddock, our new mascot!

We are SO EXCITED to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Macy Margene Braddock! Macy arrived this morning all the way from California and met her family at 10:30! Get ready for Macy overload! Here are her arrival pictures!