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Are there gaps in your resume?

This article may help: The most common responses for resume gaps

Welcome Roger!

We normally let new staff get a little more time under their belt before announcing them to the world but we just couldn’t resist this opportunity. Roger Taylor has been with us now about a month and we think he’s showing great promise, as illustrated today when he came in dressed very similarly to his […]

How are your current work relationships?

7 people you need to get to know at work! An article we liked from YourOfficeCoach.com! Enjoy!

Hiring! It’s what’s happening HERE!

Exciting Jobs with Fast Growing Pay – and we need several of these right now!

 A recent article from Glassdoor mentions several jobs that we have opening for right now! Take a glance – Looking for a new gig and not willing to take a pay cut? You’re in luck. There are a handful of jobs that boast solid median base pay as well as a strong track record of […]

Team Building with Joyce Meyer

Theresia (Director of Sales) and Angel (Admin Asst) got to spend Friday and Saturday in Baton Rouge with Joyce Meyer! It was a wonderful trip and opportunity to remind us just how blessed we truly all are! Joyce really has a gift to share with the world and at 75, is doing her best to […]

Bring it on! We’re ready!

 We’ve gotten more jobs called in since last Monday and need more people! REGISTER TODAY! Let’s make Tuesday a terrific Tuesday!

Brenda wanted to share of her memories

It truly takes a village

Yes, it truly takes a village to employ Shreveport, Bossier and Longview! We do our best to get as much information out to you as possible. Here are a few pictures of our “Village” people and what they do to help get the word out to you! 

Unemployment Rate is down!!!

Great job putting people to work Shreveport-Bossier! We still have over 150 jobs to fill so help us knock this down further! Register or reactivate your file today! WE NEED YOU! Your family needs you! Our clients need you! NW Louisiana needs you! Get more information on how to register right here, on this site! […]