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Yes, it’s everyone’s responsibility to empower others!

How to empower your co-workers for greater, all around success…Empowering others

Make it a great Wednesday!

Making sure our staff remains in the know

Today, Cathy Gates and Roger Taylor, our newest Sales Team members, are attending a training seminar on the Essentials of HR Law! We want to make sure all our staff is able to obtain what they need so they can do the best job for YOU! If you need to hire, you can feel confident […]

Did you make enough time for yourself this weekend?

We sure hope you aren’t like this fella at the end of the day today! If you haven’t taken time for yourself just yet, make sure to squeeze some in. Find a quiet place just to SIT and BE, no distractions! You’ll thank us in the morning!

Happy Saturday

Announcing Macy Margene Braddock, our new mascot!

We are SO EXCITED to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Macy Margene Braddock! Macy arrived this morning all the way from California and met her family at 10:30! Get ready for Macy overload! Here are her arrival pictures!

More community involvement!

Britney Ratcliff, one of our Professional Division Placement Specialists and NWLA SHRM Board Member, had the opportunity to be a part of changing Angelina Elliott’s life with a Scholarship award! Angelina will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration later this year! Special thanks to the NWLA SHRM Chapter for such a generous […]

Are you making these email mistakes?

Here is a great article for anyone and everyone that uses email to learn from. It covers 4 simple mistakes we can all avoid when emailing. For applicants, one thing it doesn’t mention which is of utmost importance, is YOUR email address. Please make sure it doesn’t include any slang or pet names. If you […]

Happy Friday

Hoping you all had a productive week and looking forward to going back to work Monday! If not, maybe you should give us a call! We’ve got LOTS OF GREAT COMPANIES ready to hire YOU! Industrial: 861-2489 Clerical: 869-3494 Professional: 869-3494 (We specialize in working with currently employed applicants!)

A list of Manufacturing openings

In a previous post, Angel shared a bit about a few of the specific manufacturing positions we are working to fill. Below, you will find a COMPLETE LIST of jobs we are working on strictly from MANUFACTURING COMPANIES! If interested, reach out with the job number and insure you are being considered OR get registered […]