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Shreveport Jobs – We’ve got um folks!

Shreveport Jobs! Our ENTIRE list of jobs openings as of 9:54 Friday morning! Come and get um! WE NEED YOU! Job specifics can be found on our website by going to the appropriate department in which you have experience. You can get started here (Applicant Portal) and then move on the right department of your choice! […]

Finding the RIGHT Fit!

It IS all about YOU!

It IS all about YOU after all! Several months back, we had a guide created to help applicants in their job search. It occurred to us that many of you have NOT made it into our office or been to a job fair where we were sharing these. Solution…here it is…All about you. We hope […]

It’s Only Tuesday!

It’s only Tuesday and yet some of us already feel like THIS…         Ever wonder what else may be out there?              Let US help YOU CONFIDENTIALLY find out! Submit your resume today to: Resume@JeanSimpson.com  


LONGVIEW Hiring is Happening Here! If you are interested in finding out more about the following, stop by one morning Longview Location or give them a call! They can’t do it without YOU! Assignment # Pay Rate LONGVIEW Job Title 214763 14 Shop Worker 210386 10 Shipping Clerk 213616 14 Service Writer 214521 12 Paint mixer 212476 […]

Full-Time, Direct-Hire Positions!

Full-Time, Direct-Hire Positions Available NOW! Each of these are listed with specific JOB REQUIREMENTS on our website at this link Professional Job Openings. Only QUALIFIED candidates will be considered! Position # Title Minimum $ Maximum $ Branch Servicing 205940 Technical Designer/Application Engr./Job DOE Shreveport 214052 Salesperson 35,000.00 40,000.00 Shreveport 212547 Risk Manager for the Shreveport Office […]

Have an Interview next week?

Have an Interview next week? Make sure you’re prepared! We found a few little tid-bits we felt may be helpful thanks to best-job-interview and job hat!            And by all means, don’t forget a follow-up call and thank you note to wrap it all up nicely! Good luck! We’re pulling for […]

No Show Joe says….

No Show Joe says you gotta keep going! If you’ve accepted an assignment for us to start this weekend or first thing Monday morning, make sure you show up! You gotta show up to go up! 

Always looking for IT!

We are always looking for “IT”! Do you have “IT”? If you do, we want “IT”! So What is “IT”?   Meet Cousin IT! He’s our representative helping us find more “IT” family members! If you are experienced in IT (Information Technology), submit your resume TODAY as we NEED “IT” and have a enough “IT” […]