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More money in our paychecks! Who doesn’t like that?!

Ninety Percent of workers will receive bigger pay checks due to new tax guidelines

Conner is in need of an Industrial Lab Tech!

Wish you bad luck! What?

This article was shared with a staff member and we felt it was worth sharing with you. It appeared in the Wall Street Journal the last week of December, 2017. We hope you enjoy the short read and it truly makes you think about things differently in 2018. https://www.wsj.com/articles/i-wish-you-bad-luck-he-said-with-good-intentions-1514499865

Industrial Focus of the week:

Kickin’ it off with a variety of openings!

Still more come out in defense of Shreveport jobs!

Settle: How credible is report saying Shreveport is worst place to get a job?

Shreveport-Bossier IS Hiring! That’s That!

Good news!

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Inside Salespeople Needed

Part 3…a Must See!