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Are there gaps in your resume?

This article may help: The most common responses for resume gaps

Welcome Roger!

We normally let new staff get a little more time under their belt before announcing them to the world but we just couldn’t resist this opportunity. Roger Taylor has been with us now about a month and we think he’s showing great promise, as illustrated today when he came in dressed very similarly to his […]

How are your current work relationships?

7 people you need to get to know at work! An article we liked from YourOfficeCoach.com! Enjoy!

Hiring! It’s what’s happening HERE!

Exciting Jobs with Fast Growing Pay – and we need several of these right now!

 A recent article from Glassdoor mentions several jobs that we have opening for right now! Take a glance – Looking for a new gig and not willing to take a pay cut? You’re in luck. There are a handful of jobs that boast solid median base pay as well as a strong track record of […]

Crazy with Jobs

Register IN PERSON from 9a-2p, M-F! We are fully staffed and ready to see you! Don’t forget your ID’s or we can’t complete the registration process! Come on in! Assignment # Job Title 211907 Assembly 211773 Autobody 211367 Bindery Support Specialist 211017 Bindery Support Specialist 208423 BPCC IRT Class 211772 Car Washer 206476 Certified HVAC […]

Team Building with Joyce Meyer

Theresia (Director of Sales) and Angel (Admin Asst) got to spend Friday and Saturday in Baton Rouge with Joyce Meyer! It was a wonderful trip and opportunity to remind us just how blessed we truly all are! Joyce really has a gift to share with the world and at 75, is doing her best to […]

Bring it on! We’re ready!

 We’ve gotten more jobs called in since last Monday and need more people! REGISTER TODAY! Let’s make Tuesday a terrific Tuesday!

Brenda wanted to share of her memories

It truly takes a village

Yes, it truly takes a village to employ Shreveport, Bossier and Longview! We do our best to get as much information out to you as possible. Here are a few pictures of our “Village” people and what they do to help get the word out to you!