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It IS all about YOU!

It IS all about YOU after all! Several months back, we had a guide created to help applicants in their job search. It occurred to us that many of you have NOT made it into our office or been to a job fair where we were sharing these. Solution…here it is…All about you. We hope […]

It’s Only Tuesday!

It’s only Tuesday and yet some of us already feel like THIS…         Ever wonder what else may be out there?              Let US help YOU CONFIDENTIALLY find out! Submit your resume today to: Resume@JeanSimpson.com  


LONGVIEW Hiring is Happening Here! If you are interested in finding out more about the following, stop by one morning Longview Location or give them a call! They can’t do it without YOU! Assignment # Pay Rate LONGVIEW Job Title 214763 14 Shop Worker 210386 10 Shipping Clerk 213616 14 Service Writer 214521 12 Paint mixer 212476 […]

Have an Interview next week?

Have an Interview next week? Make sure you’re prepared! We found a few little tid-bits we felt may be helpful thanks to best-job-interview and job hat!            And by all means, don’t forget a follow-up call and thank you note to wrap it all up nicely! Good luck! We’re pulling for […]

No Show Joe says….

No Show Joe says you gotta keep going! If you’ve accepted an assignment for us to start this weekend or first thing Monday morning, make sure you show up! You gotta show up to go up! 

Booking Appointments NOW for…

Booking Appointments NOW for these Clerical Needs: Assignment # Pay Rate CLERICAL Job Title 214633 16 Accounts Rec-Heavy Phones 214778 13 Acct. Clerk 214380 13 Administrative Assistant 208629 24.04 App/Software Developer 214739 12 AR/AP 214816 11.5 Assistant Manager – Floater 213388 17 Assistant to Controller 213746 17 Auto CAD Drafter 211207 12 Medical Billing Clerk […]

You know what they say!

  Whether YOU’RE a potential candidate or an employer, YOU CAN ALWAYS RELY ON JEAN SIMPSON! Need more people to tell you so? See what our expert panel thinks: Applicant Testimonials AND Employer Testimonials  

Locals Love Us…AGAIN!

Locals Love Us…Again and Again and Again….8 years in a row as THE BEST EMPLOYMENT AGENCY IN THE AREA! Thank you to ALL THE LOCALS, applicants and employers alike! Without you trudging through the last 44 years with us, we wouldn’t be where we are today!   See why we are the best! Learn More Here

General Office Clerks Needed!

General Office Clerks Needed for several clients as follows: Data Entry Clerk, LONG-TERM Temp, $11-12/hour. Must have excellent Data Entry File Clerk, Temp to Hire, $10. Post Office Clerk, Temp to Hire, $11. Must complete our registration and testing process through our Clerical Division. Please call 869-3494 to reserve a time ASAP!   For more […]

Pot Luck Appreciation!

There’s nothing like potluck lunch and when you work at Jean Simpson Personnel, you realize we aren’t just talented in finding people jobs, we’re pretty talented in the kitchen too! Today we celebrated our bosses, Sandra Braddock and Jeff Bomar for all they do for us…and it’s not even Boss’ Day! The food was SO […]