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Volunteering should be part of every job description!

Volunteering is so important and needed in our community. Today, the Shreveport Chamber Diplomats helped at the NW LA Food Bank packing boxes for their clients. If you’ve never toured the Food Bank, it’s quite an operation. However, it would be nothing without the volunteers and donations! Looking for a worthy cause? How about feeding those less fortunate in your own community! Just look at the fun you could have…Great job Cathy! We are proud of you!










Want to help? Here’s how: Feed the Hungry

Accountants are still in demand!

Accountants are still in demand and it’s the perfect time to make a change! Karen, in our Professional Division, has 6 High-Level, Direct-Hire needs and these customers are ready to get you started!

Apply today:



Want to know more about this division?

Watch the video here: About Professional Placements

Industrial Job Openings this week!

Industrial Job Openings this week! Apply IN PERSON w/2 VALID IDs between 91-2p, M-F!

Assignment # Job Title
216812 Assembly Line Worker
216711 Bartender
215631 Class A CDL
215632 Class A CDL
214901 Diesel Mechanic
216461 Driver
215819 Electrician
216795 Finish sander
216796 Finish sander
215437 Floor Tech
211991 Forklift Warehouse
216443 General labor
215244 General Labor
210960 General Labor
216780 General Labor
213894 Glass Installer
215153 HVAC installer
215828 Installer
213018 HVAC installer
216077 Kennel Worker
216538 Maintenance Tech
216783 Maintenance Tech
215842 Maintenance Tech
216818 Maintenance/Janitorial
216411 Manufacturing
216130 Manufacturing
216131 Manufacturing
214644 Mechanic
215946 Millwright
216174 Motor Mechanic
216175 Motor Mechanic
216158 Oil/Tire Tech
216782 Packaging
216394 Auto Body Painter
216256 Painter
216816 Production
216372 Production workers
216373 Production workers
216778 General Labor
216377 Quality Control
216732 Quality Control
215581 Quality Lab Technician
215377 Sheet Metal Worker
214818 Shipping and Receiving
215210 Equipment Technician
213361 Tooling Technician
216211 Track-man
215988 Utility Clerk
216757 Warehouse
216758 Warehouse
216759 Warehouse
216760 Warehouse
216761 Warehouse
216133 Warehouse / Driver
216524 Warehouse
214502 Welder
216588 Welder

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Playing Catch Up!

Playing Catch Up from ALL the events that happened last week! Our team didn’t miss a thing so if you see them out and about this week, make sure to pat them on the back for us! They rock!

Congratulations to Renee Matheny and the staff of the newest and greatest assisted living facility in the area – The Blake at Bossier City…Check it out: Blake Living
















Next up we attended the 2018 Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast of course! It was a packed house, seemed like everyone in town was there. Can’t go wrong starting your day with prayer! For more about this event, Click Hundreds attend










Last stop, the newest branch of Carter Credit Union! (Yep, Mayor Walker was following us it seemed!) So glad to see financial institutions such as Carter remain on the grow and strong when other “banks” are struggling. Can’t go wrong with a company run by local people carrying on the mission of their founder! Wow, that sounds a bit like us too! For more from CCU: About Carter Credit Union

BAFB…We knew it all along!

BAFB…we knew it all along! You ARE the Pot-O-Gold at the end of the rainbow! Thank you for all you do for our community and country! Your sacrifices are appreciated! Thank you Veterans! Thank you active duty! Thank you families! And thank you Shreveport-Bossier City for supporting these fine men, women and families. We are THANKFUL FOR YOU! Only blessings to your and yours!




NLEP Breakfast

The NLEP Breakfast was held yesterday and of course, we were there! Cathy and Derek had a great time seeing clients and getting updates on what’s happening in North Louisiana! If you aren’t part of NLEP, check them out NLEP-North LA Economic Partnership. We’ll see you at the next event!


Happy Tuesday! We are getting ready to see you soon!

Happy Tuesday! We are getting ready to help YOU find work. So much is going on we had to enlist Mascot Macy Margene to help highlight applications and help Jenny at the front desk! If you’ve not registered, it’s time. We’ve got OVER 170 JOBS in the Shreveport-Bossier area right now! They range from Temp-to-Hire, Direct-Hire, some temp positions and even some Part-Time! There is NO WAY we can upload them all to our website because they are coming in as fast as we’re filling them! Get your name on this list. Register TODAY!

macy margene

We are thankful for such great applicants…

We are thankful for such great applicants giving us the opportunity to assist them in their job search. Jennifer C. came to us with awesome work experience and the education to back it up! It didn’t take our Professional Division long to place her directly in an Accounting Manager position! Keep up the good work Jennifer!

accounting managerIf you are a professional in need of a new career home, we invite you to stop by and INTERVIEW US! Find out why we are the best in the area, just as Jennifer found out, and let us help you on your journey.

Resumes to:

For a complete list of Direct-Hire Professional Positions, visit: Professional Job Openings

Industrial Electrician needed!

Industrial Electrician needed for manufacturing facility. PLC controls or similar type experience preferred. Pay range around $26/hour ($54,080 annually) which is above average for the nation. (Salary for Electrician)


Resumes to ASAP! Company ready to hire!