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Welcome Roger!

We normally let new staff get a little more time under their belt before announcing them to the world but we just couldn’t resist this opportunity. Roger Taylor has been with us now about a month and we think he’s showing great promise, as illustrated today when he came in dressed very similarly to his boss Jeff Bomar. Look closely and you’ll see what we’re talking about! Should we be worried…or should he?

How are your current work relationships?

7 people you need to get to know at work! An article we liked from! Enjoy!

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Congratulations Alicia and Josh

Happy Wedding Shower day to Alicia and Josh! We hosted an Italian themed shower since they’ll be honeymooning in Italy! Alicia thought the whip cream was to practice feeding each other. It was supposed to be for Italian Soda!!! Bet there’s going to be a lot of fun times in their future!!

Clerical jobs available this week!

Call for your appointment (869-3494) and make sure to ask if you can come on in! We may just let ya!

Assignment # Job Title
210805 Account Manager
210890 Accounting
210986 Accounting Assistant
211897 Accounts Payable
209742 Accounts Payable Clerk
211911 Administrative Assistant
211949 Administrative Assistant
211948 Administrative Assistant
211950 Administrative Assistant
211702 Administrative Assistant
211634 AP Admin
211252 Assistant Manager
211181 Assistant Manager
211207 Billing Clerk
211946 Bookkeeper / CSR
207911 Bookkeeper/Office Manager
211830 Box Office/Accounting Assistant
211477 Call Center CSR
211901 Cashier
211850 Contract Administrator
211902 CSR
211903 CSR
211660 CSR
211494 Customer Liaison
206286 Customer Service Representative
211851 Customer Service Representative/Admin Assist
211951 Data Entry Clerk
208629 Developer
209324 Escrow Officer
211909 Floater
211918 Floater/HR
211886 General Clerical
211478 General Clerk
211873 HR Benefits Assistant
211908 IT/Software Developer
211569 Leasing Agent
211344 Leasing Specialist
210463 Loan Associate
211009 Medical Billing
200045 Medical Office Front Desk
210533 Medical Receptionist
211800 Office Assistant
211499 Payroll Clerk
211874 Payroll Clerk
211498 Production Assistant Manager
201995 PT Stock Clerk & Runner
211606 PT Teller
211833 Receptionist
211470 Receptionist/Accounting Clerk
211604 Receptionist/Clerical Clerk
211605 Receptionist/Clerical Clerk
211933 Retail Stock Clerk
211023 Sales
202549 Sales & Design Assistant
211563 Scheduler/Dispatcher
211468 Secret Shoppers
211836 Service Coordinator
211718 Technical Services Engineering Assistant
211209 Teller
211210 Teller
210980 Variable Data Programmer

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