Shreveport Job News

SafeLand Basic Orientation Class…Last Call!

Our next SafeLand Basic Orientation Class is THIS FRIDAY! If you are in a profession that requires this (primarily Oil field) and haven’t taken this class, contact Britney today. It’s not too late to sign up and will boost your credentials!


It’s that time again! We are hosting a Spring Job Fair for the next batch of Call Center candidates. Hope to see you then!

BPCC Career Fair

BPCC held a Career Fair for their nursing and allied health graduates yesterday and we were well representing by Derek Dunigan. Derek reached out to all these candidates to remind them that we often have temp jobs they can fill while they are waiting to be hired on in the healthcare industry. Although we don’t place medical staff, we always are seeking medical office personnel so we consider this a win-win. Thanks for being there Derek.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the BPCC Graduate Career Fair on April 12th. We’ll be there too! Come see us!

It’s National Pi Day

That’s right! 3.14 = PI! Get your PI, not just a piece, but the whole PI, by registering with us TODAY! We specialize in serving up full size, made to order PIs to last a lifetime! (Corny, we know)

Disclaimer: Replace “PI” with “Career” and get YOURS TODAY!



Attention Quick-books applicants!

Quick-books candidates are in demand! If you have quick-books and accounting experience, we may have a job for you! Already have a job? We may have one that’s a step up in your career. Stop by anytime between 8-2p, M-F and quickly visit with us. That’s the first step to finding out if YOU may be THE candidate our clients is looking for!

Alicia shares about the MANY jobs she has in need of accounting candidates!

St. Jude’s Affiliate Clinic

St. Jude’s Affiliate Clinic in Shreveport held it’s grand reopening Tuesday and our Cathy Gates was there! This Children’s hospital within a hospital was established in 1996 and brought pediatric oncology services to our area. Over the years, they have treated thousands of children, making a huge difference in our community. Congratulations on your grand reopening! We are glad you’re here!

Louisiana Job Market

The Louisiana Job Market claims to overall be up but states the Shreveport MSA has been in a decline the last two months. Our perspective…

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We continue to hire and have job openings coming in DAILY! SHREVEPORT IS HIRING and JSPS is making it happen!

At the time of this post, we had over 180 jobs and that’s not considering the Call Center Testing we are about to do which adds another 20-30 jobs on its own. The numbers in Baton Rouge may say otherwise but under this roof, we are seeing growth!

While we kindly disagree, if you’re interested in reading the article, here you go:

Positions up to $85K

Our Professional Division is seeking specific candidates!

Our Professional Division is seeking experienced candidates for numerous positions that pay up to $85K + Benefits. Here is a list of a few of them here but there are more listed on our website! Referrals appreciated!