This is a service Jean Simpson Personnel Services, Inc. provides to our customers when they have already recruited an applicant and wish to screen them for employment.  We refer to this as a “working interview”.

The applicant is sent to our office where we administer all the required tax forms, application and drug screening. They remain an employee of Jean Simpson for a minimum amount of time which covers the initial hire cost involved in processing the applicant.

Jean Simpson Personnel Services, Inc. maintains the following:


Social Security

State & Federal Taxes


Unemployment Taxes

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements

Extends Affordable Health Care Insurance Coverage


Our work week is Monday through Sunday and employees are paid weekly.   “Direct Deposit” is provided for our employees. PAYMASTER checks can be picked up at our offices or are mailed to the employee’s residence.

PAYMASTER Service also provides an hourly cost savings from our regular rates due to our customer recruiting the applicant.